Urban Design.

The places where people live, learn, work and play – and the relationships between these places – are crucial to the health of our urban environments.

We work at all scales across visioning, feasibility and realisation to deliver successful environments through masterplans that balance innovation and aspiration with liveability and buildability.

Right and below Working models allow for the testing of options. Hand sketches quickly inform look, feel and scale.

Our process involves working collaboratively and iteratively to develop a clear project vision with strong design principles that will guide the delivery of the masterplan over the course of its life. Masterplans often take years to implement and can be subject to changing social, financial and political factors. The agility of the plan – its ability to adapt and evolve over time, while maintaining the vision – is critical to success.

Our experience and depth enables us to deliver masterplans that, while visionary, are grounded in the real world. We understand the economics of development as well as construction methodologies, and our design work is carried out with an in-depth understanding of Resource Management Act (RMA) planning requirements. This mastery of our craft frees us up to innovate.

Right Finished models ease communication and engagement.

We have unparalleled experience in the design of sustainable new residential neighbourhoods. We worked for more than a decade to plan, design and detail almost every aspect of Hobsonville Point in Auckland. In conjunction with our collaborators our role has also been to ‘hold the vision’ established by the masterplan, while adapting and evolving to meet changing market conditions. By focusing on one place for over 10 years we have been able to follow a design research process to master our craft; building, learning, designing, refining, and building again, in ongoing feedback loops.

Right Framework plans are the key physical interventions for a neighbourhood.

Below Bulk and location studies inform yield.

In addition to our urban intensification and growth work, we apply our masterplanning processes to a wide range of non-residential projects for private and public clients across New Zealand.

Successful neighbourhoods are those that provide for a cross-section of society. Our masterplans work hard to provide a wide range of opportunities for communities to live, work, play, learn, flourish and thrive.