The Umbrella Experiment – Winner

Isthmus graduates Jia Ying-Hew, Ivy Llanera and Mihali Katsougiannis collaborated on a design for The Idealog + Blunt + Generator Umbrella Experiment. From hundreds of entries their design was recently announced as the people’s choice winner.

About the design, The Land We Are, Jia says,

“New Zealand’s landscapes are both just as marvellous and diverse as it’s people. Using the landscape as a medium, this design represents the culmination of NZ’s different people and cultures.

The land is something that binds us to Aotearoa. It has enabled us to accomplish wonders far beyond what others could envisage as we constantly draw upon it for inspiration resulting in truly bespoke design that could only have been conceived here.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we can gaze upon the stars, traverse across Middle-earth and enjoy the life’s simple pleasures in our own backyard.”