Responding Together

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly impacted how people go about their day-to-day lives around the world, and we are now experiencing the impact ourselves right here in Aotearoa. This is affecting everything and everyone, now is the time to really lean into our values of: curiosity, creativity, authenticity, and tenacity.  

We are putting whānau first, ensuring that all of our people and their families are safe. Staff will be able to use their extra week of Wellbeing Leave to look after themselves, whānau and community.  

Isthmus’ purpose is to deepen the relationships between land, people and culture. Our people come to work each day because they all believe in helping leave this place a better one than we found it. By continuing to focus on projects we hope to generate a ‘new normal’ for our staff and clients. We will continue to meet our deadlines and maintain our studio culture as best we can.

We use integrated thinking, collaboration, talking, writing, sketching, making, to solve complex problems — this continues. We will continue to maintain our project-focussed design culture, some things may need to be done differently using different tools. From Wednesday 25 March all Isthmus staff will be working remotely. We will connect with you virtually and in the cloud through a multitude of tools that are the best match for you and your project: G-Suite with Hangouts, Office365 with Teams, Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Slack, Trello, Loomio, and VPN access to our servers. For maximum flexibility and resilience we operate on multiple platforms and choose channels that are the best-for-client and best-for-project.

Isthmus was founded on a strong ethos of collaboration and teamwork. We work together as ‘one studio’. Through this crisis all the things you know us for will continue to hold true, albeit delivered in a slightly different way.

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