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Te Apunga o Tainui.
Richmond Stage 3.


Located within the volcanic field of Tamaki Makaurau, characterised by basaltic rock, scoria cones and lava flows, the Richmond development sits at the site of Te Apunga o Tainui – McLennan Hills. The development presents a unique opportunity to create a neighbourhood of high quality medium density housing within the Auckland Isthmus.

Below The Richmond masterplan establishes a series of walkable neighbourhoods, to be delivered in stages.

Richmond features a variety of high-quality medium-density housing typologies, nestled into a landscape of four previously quarried volcanic cones. Isthmus undertook the masterplanning for the project as a whole, and the architecture and landscape architecture for Stage 3. The masterplan sets out several distinct neighbourhoods that are connected to the wider urban environment through a network of streets and green open spaces – communal gardens, small-scale neighbourhood parks and public open spaces. In the mid-1900s, the original landscape character of the area was lost after extensive mining of the volcanic cones; the hills were totally flattened. The masterplan takes the opportunity to remediate and recall the lost landscapes; it reinstates the memory and energy of the lost scoria cones to create a unique identity for a new community.

Above Stage 3 masterplan yields 139 townhouses with a mix of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom units.

Right A light shaft vertically connects the three levels of the narrow terrace houses.

A number of complementary urban design principles have generated a connected street network that consists of two main streets and a series of vehicle and pedestrian lanes that connect into the surrounding street network. The streets are tree-lined and pedestrian friendly and the houses are outward facing and inviting. The dwellings are mainly terrace housing with some provision for apartments in key locations at intersections and adjacent public open space. The housing sizes and types have been selected to ensure that a diverse community is created with social interaction fostered with the provision of a community building.

The masterplan is driven by the purpose of connecting people and community. All dwellings face the street and benefit from the proximity to a network of open spaces;  parks, lanes and walkways. Homes at Richmond are all sustainably designed, with double glazed windows, LED lighting, water conserving plumbing, natural ventilation and an electric car charger for every garage.

Below The masterplan is underpinned by five urban design principles.

The Stage 3 masterplan.

Team Members
Andre de Graaf, Andrew Mirams, Alan England, Sarah Bishop, Grant Bailey, Azmon Chetty, Nada Stanish, Oriane Merindol,
Past Team Members

Earl Rutherford, Rewi Thompson

Development Advisory Services Limited