Land, water, built form and community – these are the elements that shape our experience of landscape. In our work we let the land breathe, reveal its story and, through conversations with communities, work to re-instil mana and do what is right for land and people.

Right Taumanu Reserve. Designed ecologies of foreshore, headlands and beaches.

Below Beachlands to Maraetai. Connecting communities along the coastal edge.

We believe in the respectful design of the landscape, and combine creative and technical expertise to create public, private and commercial spaces that bring environment and community together. We listen, explore, resolve and construct carefully considered and crafted spaces.

We marry the everyday encounters of people with the poetic qualities of a place – movement, disruption, light, shadow, texture and unexpected delight. We aim to physically, emotionally and spiritually connect community with place, respect mana whenua values, and ensure inclusive and appropriate responses to Aotearoa’s cultural heritage.

Above Barry Curtis Park. Habitats for bird life and freshwater ecology are an educational resource.

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Right Beachlands Maraetai Walkway

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In this time of increasing pressure on our natural resources, climate change and fragmented communities, we seek to protect, enhance and create environments that are in tune with the land. In our work, we confront emerging environmental challenges by building in resilience. Our hybrid spaces are the result of adaptive design processes and collaborative problem solving, which allows us to provide more than just infrastructural improvements but community and ecological benefits – innovative habitats that impart rewarding and enduring experiences.

We create landscapes that are purposeful, but expressed with depth, subtlety and meaning. We bring our passion to create innovative green infrastructure, active public realms, flexible educational environments and vibrant communities that are rich and multi-layered. Our design thinking is influenced by pragmatism and critical thought, art and design, research and observation, and science and ecology.