Idea Log

Idealog magazine sent us, and some other creatives around town, a hunk of wood and asked us what we could do with it.

We gave the Idea Log to Architectural Graduate Azmon Chetty who has a reputation around the studio for his hands-on ability with timber. He took it down to our workshop and set to work, inspired to make a connection between land, people and culture. Azmon says,

“The Isthmus Idea Log offers opportunities for play and discovery for a variety of activities, whether it be indoors or outdoors. It’s adaptive nature allows it to provoke creativity and thinking from kids or adults in the environment they are in.

This project makes this connection more obvious in a curious and fun way; as a design for mixed use. The log can be flung in a tree or thrown into the water to see what critters come to inhabit it. Other possibilities could be a bird feeder, hanging pot for plants to be grown on or simply a picnic lamp.”