People are at the heart of our design process –
and listening, observing and collaborating are the foundations of our approach to building inclusive, healthy and resilient communities.

Right Through co-creation and place interventions we catalyse new social connections that help transform communities.

Left We design spaces that bring community together through play and events. Te Ara Manawa, Hobsonville Point coastal walkway.

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We believe that day-to-day social interactions, and shared beliefs, interests and traditions, in our local neighbourhoods nurture and support people in their everyday lives. Within a community, we can help catalyse and reinforce healthy patterns by co-creating place interventions that spark interactions between people.

When we design, it is with these ‘people connections’ in mind – we map and visualise social networks and shape places, spaces, networks and buildings that foster social cohesion.

In our work within communities we tackle many challenges, especially in the regeneration of suburban neighbourhoods.

Above Opportunities for children to play, learn, connect with nature and independently explore their neighbourhood are fundamental to healthy growth and development. Myers Park Playspace kindy workshop.

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Our design approach is whānau-centric – with the wellbeing of children our primary concern. We value the importance of whanaungatanga, developing meaningful relationships, building trust and working alongside the community. Together we create spaces that embody manaakitanga – that are welcoming, equitable and empowering for communities. We recognise the importance of partnering with mana whenua and deepening connection to place by exploring cultural narratives.

Right A new co-designed skate park catalysed social transformation in Randwick 2017 ‘Community of the Year’.

We often work in the ‘third space’ between the public sector or development agencies and the communities we serve. This collaborative role requires framing complex problems, identifying ‘game changers’ that can have the greatest impact, and deploying our social mapping & co-design toolkit, which allows all voices to be heard and impacts to be evaluated.

We are visual and experimental – and our creative confidence can help unlock the local knowledge and potential that lies in every community, allowing people to thrive and take ownership of their neighbourhoods long after a project is completed.