We nurture a strong studio culture. Our inter-disciplinary team of designers share a common purpose. We work together as ‘one studio’, putting forward best-for-project teams with the right blend of skills and knowledge. In this way every client gains access to the depth and breadth our collective experience and intelligence.

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller.

MArch (Prof), BAS, NZIA Grad

Intermediate Architectural Graduate

Wellington Studio   

Aaron has a keen eye for detail and has applied this to a range of architecture projects since joining the team in 2016.
As a systems thinker, Aaron has a keen interest in offsite construction – prefabricated and modular systems – and is excited to see isthmus moving into this space. He also regularly uses his skills in other scales across landscape architecture and urban design, having particular interest in the various cycleway projects Isthmus is involved with. Aaron has always been interested in the interaction between building, landscape and place to create well integrated and site-specific architecture, and isthmus projects strive to achieve this every day.

Outside of work Aaron enjoys the outdoors, whether it be a tramp or fishing adventure, and also sings in a local youth choir.

Projects Aaron Miller has worked on:

Blair Brixton

Blair Brixton.

BLA (hons)

Associate Landscape Architect

Wellington Studio   

Blair is a landscape architect with significant experience within range of commercial and public realm projects in both New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. They include urban regeneration and waterfront projects, large urban parks, historic squares and small scale site specific interventions and installations. In his roles he has regularly led multidisciplinary teams from inception to project completion. He particularly enjoys detailed design phases and the realisation of projects.

Blair has a passion and respect for good design across all disciplines and so embraces Isthmus ‘no boundaries’ approach to design.

Projects Blair Brixton has worked on:

Brennan Baxley

Brennan Baxley.

Master of Landscape Architecture II – Harvard GSD

Graduate Landscape Architect

Wellington Studio   

Brennan possess educational experience in geography, adaptable spaces, art, recycled material installations, ecology, and disaster management. In practice he has analysed sustainability, urban agriculture, protective ecologies, public engagement, mapping systems, and the preservation of heritage environments.  He is a teaching fellow for Victoria University Wellington in the Landscape Architecture Department, continuing research on form, urban technologies, and prolific landscape design.

Caroline Sollerhed

Caroline Sollerhed.

BSc Spatial Planning, MSc Urban Design

Urban Designer

Wellington Studio   

Caroline works on a range of projects supporting the landscape and design team. Her recent work has included streetscapes, open space strategy and cycleways. She has a keen interest in the relationship between urban and rural, public spaces and community involvement.  

Caroline hails from Sweden, is a climbing enthusiast and enjoys exploring New Zealand’s landscapes and native wildlife.

Chelsea Kershaw

Chelsea Kershaw.

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Major in Landscape Architecture)

Landscape Architectural Intern

Wellington Studio   

Chelsea is currently undertaking her Master of Landscape Architecture with a particular focus on rehabilitative landscapes and health and well-being, in relation to ecological and societal sustainability. She is interested in getting outdoors and being active either running or cycling around Wellington. This passion often integrates into infrastructure planning projects, with an aim to develop relationships between recreational, ecological, social and economic opportunities at various scales.

Earl Rutherford

Earl Rutherford.

B.Arch (Hons) NZIA Registered

Associate Architect

Wellington Studio   

Earl has over 17 years experience and is a recognised leader in commercial scale modular construction projects, as well as civic and residential projects. He firmly believes any design problem can be solved with an integrated design team, great teamwork and productive work environment. Earl is a family man and designed and help build the family home. His recreational activities include drinking coffee and the great outdoors.

James Patullo

James Patullo.

MLA, (Merit), BAS (Land), NZILA Grad

Intermediate Landscape Architect

Wellington Studio   

James is involved in a broad range of projects from coastal and open space strategies to urban design and infrastructure. He also has a skilled background in 3D modelling, renders and video simulations, and graphic design. James is a workaholic who volunteers time to the NZILA and VUW. He enjoys adventurous travel and making art in his spare time.

Projects James Patullo has worked on:

Lisa Rimmer

Lisa Rimmer.

BHortSc (Hons) MLA (Hons)

Principal Landscape architect

Wellington Studio   

Alongside her landscape architectural practice, Lisa’s background in horticultural science and education has informed her specialist expertise in strategic planning projects that integrate environmental planning and RMA processes with detailed design.  She has worked on a wide range of projects including large scale infrastructure, public and civic facilities and commercial developments. Lisa has strengths in project management, leadership and team communication, as well as contract documentation and planting design, especially for complex urban sites.

Ralph Johns

Ralph Johns.

BSc MA, NZILA Registered


Auckland Studio    Wellington Studio    Board Members   

Ralph takes care of the business; he leads the strategic direction of isthmus.

As a landscape architect Ralph has won a number of industry awards. He was the driving force behind the Isthmus book, Coast Country Neighbourhood City. As Isthmus’ design-led CEO since 2014, Ralph has led the practice through a period of rapid growth. Ralph ensures that Isthmus stays grounded, committed to purpose, and keeps an eye firmly fixed on the horizon.

Ralph lives in Wellington, works in Auckland and rides a bicycle whenever he can.

Projects Ralph Johns has worked on:

Sam Gwynn

Sam Gwynn.

BArch (Hons)

Intermediate Architectural Graduate

Wellington Studio   

Sam has had over 8 years experience in several architectural practices in Wellington working within a range of typologies including – education, hospitality, retail and residential. He is interested in creating meaning in architecture and space as a reflection of physical and mental contexts to add value to everyday lives.

Sam can be found exploring the outdoors usually hitting the road mountain biking, skiing or surfing.

Projects Sam Gwynn has worked on:

Sophie Jacques

Sophie Jacques.

Bdes, Larch (Hons)

Senior Landscape Architect

Wellington Studio   

Sophie works broadly across a range of projects, from inception through to detailed design. A specialist in construction management she has taken this role on a number of complex projects including the Children’s Garden, Wellington Zoo and currently working on the delivery of North Kumutoto on Wellington’s Waterfront. Sophie is particularly interested in community based projects and inter-generational spaces that take place within the urban framework. Sophie enjoys creating places that have a direct impact on how people (and animals!) live. You’ll find Sophie taking photos of people and landscapes, most likely powering up a mountain somewhere on Wellington’s ridgeline.

Projects Sophie Jacques has worked on:

Stefan Beconcini

Stefan Beconcini.

BArch (Hons), BSocSc,

Senior Architectural Graduate

Wellington Studio   

Stefan is a senior architectural graduate with over 14 years’ experience in the New Zealand architecture industry. He has a wide background designing and documenting small to large scale residential, commercial and community projects. Stefan is proficient in detailing complex structures and producing 3D visualizations that can facilitate understanding and presenting ideas to clients, builders and the team working on a project. He is passionate about architecture and an enthusiastic self-starter that works well in a team or able to work on  my own initiative managing projects from start to completion. He has a strong interest in prefabricated and green architecture encouraging sustainability and pushing for innovation in design and construction.

“The part that I enjoy the most is designing concepts, I get really excited about coming up with new ideas catering for each client’s brief. Isthmus has provided me with such a great opportunity and range of diverse projects in which I have been able to explore the role of architecture strengthened by its relationship to the land, people and culture.”

Hobbies: Drawing and illustrations, kiteboarding, surfing, spearfishing and teaching Body Pump at Les Mills.

I also started a volunteer group with my wife in 2015 called volunteer fitness, bringing people together to help the community.


Projects Stefan Beconcini has worked on:

Suchita Jain

Suchita Jain.

MArch (Prof), BAS

Architectural Graduate

Wellington Studio   

NZIA Student Member, Asia NZ Foundation- Leadership Network Member.

Suchita has keen interest in storytelling through architecture where site- specific designs address the current and past local context of a place. Additional to the functionality of architecture -a people centric design, in her opinion, is what lies at the core of successful design thinking. Suchita enjoys working in leadership, working with young volunteers and graphic design. She utilises her creative skills through her Photography business where she covers a range of events and fashion portraiture.

Tessa Macphail

Tessa Macphail.

Senior Landscape Architect

Wellington Studio   

Projects Tessa Macphail has worked on:

Wade Lipsham

Wade Lipsham.


Landscape Architect

Wellington Studio   

Wade experienced a 10 year hiatus from Landscape Architecture,  where he was involved in Business and management. He brings these new skill sets with him and applies it to practice.

Wade’s background is in High-end Residential developments and his passion and expertise lies in concept design and masterplanning. Wade has an ability to offer creative and artistic solutions to any design problem brief.

He also has a great love and sound knowledge of native plants and their positive ecological contribution to the wider New Zealand Landscape.

Projects Wade Lipsham has worked on: