Mid-year promotions.

Over the years we’ve observed some characteristics of people that thrive in our studio culture; these individuals are positive, proactive and collaborative. They are self starters. They take the initiative and are quick learners. But most of all, they are independent and self-confident.

In our studios there’s the opportunity to get involved in the work you want to do and to make your own opportunities. The following people have all progressed their careers this year, and are contributing at an even greater level. They are pushing themselves, getting out of their comfort zones and going the extra mile. Each of them embody our values of creativity, curiosity, authenticity and tenacity.

From Graduate to Intermediate:
Azmon Chetty. Azmon joined isthmus in late 2014 as a graduate architect. A furniture maker in his spare time; he’s handy with tools. Over the last 6 months Azmon has brought a new level of accuracy and speed to the work he has been doing. He‘s developing new skills around construction detailing and design. He is also becoming very adept at complex 3D digital modelling for documentation. You’ll also find him crafting physical models.

From Intermediate to Senior:
Rebecca Jerram. It has been nearly two years since Rebecca moved back from Melbourne where she had been studying and working for a decade. Rebecca is Registered with AILA & NZILA. We hired her for her skills at the construction end of the design process – she has excellent technical knowledge of landscape construction. She delivers our work on site, dealing with contractors and negotiating the ins-and-outs of NZS3910. Rebecca has delivered a host of landscape projects including parts of Kopupaka Reserve, the Myers Splashpad, Kelston School and Airfields Stage 2. She is currently working on Westgate Town Park.

Travis McGee. Travis joined us nearly four years ago. He quickly showed himself to be very good at grabbing opportunities and running with them. Thrown in the deep end with the Schools PPP2, Trav took on the project management and quickly got his head above water. Trav’s skill at digging a little deeper into his projects and pre-empting the next move has set him up well as a project leader. His ability to take the lead when he needs to means he is a highly valued member of the of Isthmus team.

Brad Ward. Brad joined isthmus a little over 4 years ago. Known affectionately as ‘Brad the Grad’ when he started, he was the first new staff member we hired coming out of the GFC. Brad was quickly absorbed into the Hobsonville team as a safe pair of hands, learning very quickly, always going the extra mile. He did well in the “pressure-cooker” and his career accelerated. In just four years Brad has developed for himself a set of unique and specialist skills in residential masterplanning. Ka pai!

Sophie Jacques. After uni she headed overseas, gaining 6 years experience in the UK and Australia and becoming something of a skatepark construction specialist. She started with us in February 2014, a specialist in construction management. She has taken this role on a number of complex projects including the Children’s Garden, Wellington Zoo and Kotuku Apartments.

From Senior to Associate:
Alan England. Alan joined us in 2010 as our first visualisation specialist. With a background in architectural studies Alan had previously been working at Build Media. He’s been a backbone of our design planning team working behind the scenes assisting in major projects across the country. He’s been in planes, trains, boats and helicopters, and he’s a qualified pilot himself – of a drone. Over the last 6 months or so Alan has built and consolidated an expanded Geospatial team. He also plays an active role in the development of Isthmus’ Environmental Fund.

From Associate to Principal:
Lisa Rimmer. We hired Lisa in 2008. She has huge passion and really wide range of skills. She is a designer, first and foremost, but she also has rare talent and expertise in RMA planning. On the design side Lisa has contributed to Government House restoration, a host of Wellington Cycleway projects, the Children’s Garden and Christchurch Botanical Gardens masterplan, among many others. Her stand-out Design Planning project has been Kapiti Coast District Landscape Assessment. Lisa is uncompromising on quality.

Sean Burke. Sean joined Isthmus’ Auckland studio in way back in 2001. Since then he has worked on a multitude of projects, with a particular skill for merging planning, design and ecology. Over the years his projects have won the highest national awards from NZILA. And then last year the Taumanu Bridge won the World Architecture News Transport Award! Like his work, Sean is quietly authentic. He works with huge commitment and totally embodies our values. Sean is passionate about the environment and will be working to develop our services in designed ecologies.