Isthmus Promotions

Our team continues to grow in experience and confidence; seven individuals have been recognised for promotions as they are taking their career to the next level.

Graduate to Intermediate

Caroline Sollerhed came to Isthmus from Sweden. She works across a range of projects from our Wellington studio as an urban designer and planner. She thinks about the big picture and is very good at telling the story of a project.

William Brooks is a talented architect who has brought his quiet enthusiasm and commitment to public projects such as the Auckland Ferry Basin. Will loves a challenge, and is always thoughtful and considered in his work.

Simon Nicholson gained a BA in Accounting and Finance from AUT before starting at Isthmus. He has shown exceptional growth in the past year and has become a trusted and valued member of our team.

Intermediate to Senior

Alex Foxon is a landscape architect with green fingers and a safe pair of hands. Alex always delivers; he has a natural ability to manage people and projects which makes him a trusted member of our studio.

Dale Harrop has demonstrated exceptional personal and professional growth in the couple of years he has been at Isthmus. Dale combines his career as a landscape architect and urban designer with being a key member of NZ’s national Ice Hockey team.

Senior to Associate

Brad Ward has risen quickly and steadily through the ranks since he joined Isthmus as a graduate six years ago. Thanks to his dedicated work ethic, his ability to learn fast and deal with complexity while remaining clear and calm, Brad has become a master of his craft in a remarkably short period of time. Brad is a quiet and humble high achiever, working on community regeneration projects across Auckland.

Ben Scott came to Isthmus four years ago as our first dedicated ‘IT guy’. In that time he has made sure that the digital infrastructure of the studio has kept pace with our rapid growth. Ben keeps everything ticking along nicely, with no surprises.