Brad Coombs, Fellow and President

The NZILA AGM and Conference opening the other week was a big day for Isthmus Principal Brad Coombs. On the same day that he took office as NZILA President, he was also awarded Fellowship of the NZ Institute of Landscape Architects for his two decades of contribution to practice and profession:

“Brad’s contribution to the wider profession, like his contribution within Isthmus, has been achieved in a quiet manner. He is not one to ‘blow his own trumpet’. Yet he has gained mana through his service to others, the quality of his work, and his wisdom.  For these reasons, he fully deserves election as a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects.”

Brad sees the President role as “an opportunity to take a fresh look at where the profession is at, and as an Institute, to confirm the priorities for the next three years and beyond.”

“My first priority will be to get my head around the projects that the Executive has already initiated – particularly the Governance Review and the Landscape Guidelines, and to put in place processes to deliver them for the benefit of our members.”