Hobsonville Point Masterplan, Auckland

A continually evolving masterplan that has at its heart an objective of building strong and sustainable communities.

The transformation of Hobsonville Point from brownfields land to bustling community is development of a scale that is rare in New Zealand. It is one of the largest housing projects underway in Australasia and is considered a benchmark project, as evidenced by the awards it has received from a number of professional bodies.

The success of Hobsonville as a distinctive and sustainable new community is derived from a ‘continually evolving' masterplan developed by Isthmus. Isthmus has led the design and ‘held the vision' at Hobsonville for more than seven years, working simultaneously on a number of projects at a variety of scales.

Located on the former Hobsonville Airbase, the 167ha new residential community is a direct response to the future growth needs of Auckland as part of the Northern Strategic Growth Area. The masterplan aims to set new benchmarks for sustainable, mixed use development in New Zealand, and to build a community that is accessible for people from all sectors of society. It seeks to create a unique urban development based on the core attributes of Auckland's traditional compact suburbs, such as Devonport, Freemans Bay and Ponsonby.

This site will eventually provide serviced land for more than 3,000 homes, a primary and secondary school, mixed-use retail, connected open space, walkways and cycleways, and a marine industry precinct. A main ‘spine' road links the Waterfront Landing and its ferry wharf with the existing Hobsonville village, creating a focus for mixed-use development and public transport.

Isthmus continues to lead multiple design workstreams at Hobsonville - from strategic masterplanning of individual precincts through to the detailed design of streets, walkways, reserves and homes.