Porirua Kiosk

The kiosk is part of a much wider regeneration project for the CBD of Porirua which Isthmus has been working on for several years. Our involvement has included master planning for the whole precinct, landscape architecture and architecture. The kiosk is the first part of the latter. The project is ongoing. Future enhancements will further highlight the kiosk allowing distance views of its striking form and colour.

The kiosk houses public toilets and two small food and beverage outlets. The toilets replace a tired and notorious toilet block that was hidden away behind buildings that surround Cobham Court. The combination with food outlets may initially seem at odds but it brings life and energy to the area which fits with the overall intent of the revitalisation plans.

The building is positioned to be the junction of the key axes in the overall plan. This gives it strong visibility of all points along those axes. It also aligns with the Te Araroa Trail which passes through Combham Court. As such the kiosk becomes the centerpiece of the wider precinct. This was a very intentional move to make the kiosk a central attraction. It is expected that other temporary or mobile food outlets will join the kiosk on occasions to build on the energy that it provides.

The kiosk itself is designed to complement the wider landscape upgrades and provide a strong drawcard and symbol for the community. Innovative use of building materials and systems provide a subtle but compelling reference to the strong Pasifika base in Porirua.