Devonport Marine Square and Wharf Boardwalk, Auckland

A new pedestrian promenade, boardwalk and plaza reconnect the town to the sea and celebrate a rich nautical history.

A major redevelopment of Devonport's marine gateway is one of the capital projects underway in Devonport, as part of Auckland Council's $24 million investment in the seaside village. Isthmus was engaged by North Shore City Council in December 2009 to progress design and construction documentation and manage the Resource Consent process for the implementation of the Devonport Marine Square Upgrade and Wharf Boardwalk project. Construction began in November 2013 with Isthmus undertaking project management responsibilities.

A strong conceptual underpinning for the scheme was established and a design vernacular developed that would integrate seamlessly with the unique characteristics of Devonport. Integrating NSCC objectives required a sophisticated design approach where complex issues and priorities had to be resolved:

• to make a more direct, legible link between Devonport and the ferry;
• to create a memorable entrance space to Devonport;
• to create an area that works for all forms of transport and pedestrians; and
• to provide a strong incentive for redevelopment.

Project Description
The project consists of the creation of a plaza connecting Victoria street to the wharf, the reconfiguration of the car parking area to provide better pedestrian access and improved growing conditions for native plants and trees, improved bus drop off and pick up facilities, the creation of a substantial public wharf and boardwalk to the east of the Devonport Wharf building and the refurbishment of the Devonport Wharf building in order to activate the wharf edge.

Details of the design were developed in collaboration with Auckland Transport which resulted in the re-establishment of pedestrian crossings to meet current standards; improved lighting on pedestrian crossings and thoroughfares; improved at grade access through the creation of fully accessible routes; the inclusion of visual indicators throughout the scheme; improved bus drop off area through the introduction of Kassel kerbs.